Photo Rating Script


Your own Photo Rating Script
The ideal way to generate website traffic or income from gigs like Google Adsense. Adds fun and interaction to your website.


Can you install Photo Rating Script for me?

At the moment, we do not offer install services. However, the Photo Rating Script package comes with full step-by-step instructions for a quick & easy install.

Can users upload their own pictures?

In the current version of Photo Rating Script, only the website administrator can add or remove images via FTP. There are no options for users to log in.

What PHP version is required to run Photo Rating Script?

The current version of the script requires PHP5 or higher as well as MySQL.

Are images being displayed randomly?

Yes. As Photo Rating Script does not have image categories, images are being displayed randomly from the pool.

How can I add Adsense or other ad-codes?

We appreciate banners and advertisements come in different sizes and dimensions. To give you full control over the placement, ad-codes will need to be added to your pages manually. You can use Notepad or any html editor to do this.

What about integration with Facebook or other Social Media?

It is possible to include social media plugins/code on your Photo Rating Script page (e.g. a 'Like' button). Technically it would also be possible to embed your entire Photo Rating Script pages/website on Facebook, using Facebook's Developer platform. However, we did not try this yet.

I have upoaded the script but I get errors...

Just uploading the script package to your webhosting account is not enough! Please follow the additional installation steps we supply with the package. So far all errors we have received came from not following these installation instructions.

Can you provide an iPhone or Android app for my Photo Rating Script website?

Not at the moment. However, we are currently looking into this. Because this is a frequent request, it is high on our development list for next year.